26 de dezembro de 2007

When it's easy to lose faith

When we think Man has nothing else to teach us. When we think nothing else can surprise us. When we believe we've seen it all, had it all in life. When we think we can no longer be disappointed because you've made yourself an armour, still...

Still, there's some new lesson. Still, you think you should have learned it long ago. Still, you think you haven't changed and you're just the silly, naïve, ignorant, dumm blonde you always were. Still, you keep thinking you shouldn't trust, you shouldn't believe, because all it takes is a second for things to fall down.

Today, I learned again that friendship can be a very vague thing. I learned it doesn't work when only one invests. I learned that when people want exclusiveness people are selfish. Best friends can actually suffocate you because they think you are their own.

Sorry, today I learned again lessons I should have learned before (but I never do). And sorry if today I'm using this as a diary of private disappointment.

"I would tell you about the things they
put me through
The pain I've been subjected to..."
Martin Gore, "Walking in my shoes".