23 de agosto de 2007

Me, myself and I or the egocentric thing of naming a blog and somehow having to say something about you, yourself and you

Hard to read, isn't it? Blonde With a PhD. But there you have it! The truth about this blonde here.
Not that I have a thing for or against blondes to have a blog with «blonde» on it. It just happens that in a country of brunettes I turned out to be blond. And man, do I love all those jokes!
Now seriously, I still don't know whether being blond is an advantage or a disadvantage. Basically you make it work your way. It is a great disguise actually. You have people think you're just another bimbo and so they won't bother you. But then comes the great bang! when they discover you're not out of intellect after all. I love that!!

At the gym I used to be known as "the Barbie" (and to tell you the truth I kinda liked it, I took it as a compliment and it was, really), but then when I say: "Well, I teach at a university", people lose ground and just don't know what to make of me. I guess this is what happens when you live in a conservative pays du Midi. You are a stereotype on the outside but when you reveal your inner you it just doesn't add up.

Therefore, it is out of this otherness - the being blond thing in a place where everybody wants to be blond but where blondes are prone to being ridiculed and where you, yourself and you are blond but don't go with the stereotype - that blondewithaphd came into being to take me, myself and I into the vast realms of blogspace.

And this was just to tell you that I am a blonde with a PhD (and the PhD part is not the important one!).

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Who told you nobody read this?

Pedro Lopes disse...

que não é
que é

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