14 de novembro de 2007

It just takes a moment...

There are statistics of all kinds, for all objectives possible, to tell the truth and to justify lies. They are raw or manipulated, they are political or politicised, they're used by dictators and democracy-lovers alike, they are sometimes trusted others discarded. They show and they hide. In the end they are just numbers.

This is an exercise!

If the world had a population of 100 people, the proportions for our own world would be:
Population according to continent
61 Asians, 13 Africans, 12 Europeans, 8 North-Americans, 5 South-Americans, 1 Australasian.
Population according to religious preference
33 Christian (of all creeds), 18 Muslim, 14 Hindu, 6 Budhist, 16 non-religious, 13 other religions
Living standards and conditions
43 have no access to sanitation
18 have no access to fresh water
6 people own 59% of all richness
13 are hungry
14 don't know how to read and write
7 have secondary education
12 have a pc
3 have internet connection
1 adult is HIV positive
9 are disabled
18 live with $1 per day
53 live with $2 per day
If you have a bank account you are one of of the 30 richest in the world
If you have a bed, a closet, a refrigerator and a house you are richer than 75% of the population
Investment in this country of 100 people:
$1.12 trillion in armament
$1oo billion in development

It's just another statistic... So, why does this still surprise me?
(http://www.miniature-earth.com/ - the movie is quite impressive)

12 comentários:

quintarantino disse...

I hereby proclaim, loud and clearly: you, my friend, for a Blond are a very clever woman.
Alright, for those yyou don't know me this could be seen as a sexist comment, but those who really know me can tell that I'm only trying to say that you always leave me thinking a good moment about the subjects of your posts.
No matter what the color of your hair is!
I'm glad you knocked at my door one day...

Peter disse...

I didn't know that i am a such rich man!

Tiago R Cardoso disse...

mas estas estatísticas já não deveriam surpreender, são a verdade pura e dura, uma vergonha.

indomável disse...

PHD girl,
I'm with Peter... I had no idea I was that rich!
Even so, if really am, according to those statistics, then how poor are those who are seen as poor?
Miserable? Certainly! For sure!
Now tell me, if this is the simple, plain and cruel truth, how come we don't realise it most of the time?
I claim to have an answer for that, more like a theory... We're asleep most of the time!!!!
Asleep we live, asleep to work, asleep when we watch tv and know about what goes on in the worl. The only times we wake up, are those when plains crash against twin buildings, built to show the world the supremacy of the western world...
And thus I state my case.

Blondewithaphd disse...

Quinn dearest,
No offense taken! And thanks when you opened that door. Glad the post made you think as it should make us all think.

Blondewithaphd disse...

Funny, isn't it? In a very cruel way to find out we have it all.

Blondewithaphd disse...

you're right! We shouldn't be surprised anymore. Yes, we should be ashamed. But the truth is that the world goes on as if nothing was happening.

Blondewithaphd disse...

Dear Indomável,
We are so exposed to news of human suffering that we're not affected anymore. The problem with the planes crashing against those two towers is that we say "it could have been me" (at least, I've ben saying that since that day), it was near us, it was in our world and we think true human agony is somewhere out there very far.

António de Almeida disse...

-A few countries in the world, are nice place to live!

Blondewithaphd disse...

Dear Antonio de Almeida,
After all, sometimes our country is not so bad after all!

antonio disse...

Gostaria de deixar aqui um comentário inteligente e espirituoso, mas muito provavelmente repetiria o que aqui já foi comentado, pelo que me remeto ao grupo dos silenciosos.

Blondewithaphd disse...

Dear Antonio,
I guess you're right. In the face of this we, not we ourselves, but all of us, have pretty much already wasted all our words and things are still/always the same.