9 de agosto de 2011

"Realizar" que aterrei

"Climbing up on Solsbury Hill..." and my heart going boom, boom, boom, grab my things to come back home.
My head was so full of this song. I was singing it all the way when I saw the city light and the shadow of the big cathedral where we were locked. Such ancient time all around. The hill and the plain and light fading in the dusk. Solsbury Hill, Salisbury Hill, it's irrelevant. It was there and it was calling from time immemorial. And I was feeling so much, so much more than what I was seeing. And I sang, and sang, and woke up the next day still singing and still there on that place. Eyes wide open, the girl I brought along.
Only now can I start verbalising or making sense through words. Time stood as still as it does now in my mind as I remember. It's going to be slower now, now that I'm back in the machinery and no longer part of the scenery. But yes, climbing up on Solsbury Hill [...] wind was blowing, time stood still...