31 de outubro de 2007

Não "degisto" da "ademenistração"!

I think I'm gonna blow up if I don't let this out of my chest! So, just out of therapy, preventing a heart attack (mine in this case) is doing the national health care system a favour by saving a few hundred euros, I'll let some steam off of me.

I thought I had seen it all even if I've actually seen it all! But surprises are exactly that... surprises and keep popping up when you least expect them! Now, how does one explain that "Drs." to be write the absurdities the title gives evidence of? Is it the national school system? Is it the fact that kids have it all so easy that studying means/is nothing? Is it the poor secondary school teachers that, as outcast, downtrodden classes, don't bother anymore? Is it Macdonaldisation of the education? What? I just don't get it! But, hey, I'm just a blond bimbo!

In any case, not "degisting" of something shows determination. And if you want to be an "ademenistrator" you just have to "ademenister".

And such is life in the big city!

2 comentários:

quintarantino disse...

For a blon bimbo, you are quite smart. God damn'it and writting quite well too.

Blondwithaphd disse...

Thank you kind Sir!