14 de maio de 2009


So FCP is a champion again? Right... And we have tornado alerts here in Illinois! Iguess it's to celebrate Porto's victory:)
Apart from that, Chicago is an amazing town. New York like with a different atmosphere and quite cosmopolitan. Not at all red-neck America. I'm actually in Evanston, where Northwestern University is and it's one of those lovely neighborhoods with houses with picket fences. The conference starts today and I'm all excited about it.
Do tell me if Benfica made it number 2 at least.

See ya!

8 comentários:

antonio - o implume disse...

Muito bem! Em Chicago e já com sentimnetos de emigrante... enfim perdoados por teres demosntrado interesse no Benfica, essa pátria imensa!

Anónimo disse...

Nay, Miss, your team gonna be number three!
As for the rest, so you are in the fancy side of Chicago?
And still haven't gone to a blues bar?
Don't tell me you don't like the blues.

Carol disse...

Girl, don't tell me you also believe in Santa Claus...?! Of course Benfica is not number 2!! Number three e já estás cheia de sorte! ;)

Eu Mesma! disse...

benfica benfica benfica!!!!!!!!!

Carlos Barbosa de Oliveira disse...

Sometimes, when one flies, becomes a dreamer. Benfica number 2? Are you joking? May be 3rd if they are lucky.
Chicago? I don't like.
Never say FC Porto is a regional team. The tornado's alert confirm they have fans all over the world!
Have a nice time...

ferreira-pinto disse...

Carlos is quite right!
Just imagine, we win the Championship and even in Chicago winds become stronger. It's the power of the dragon ... and as they do say ... andor violeta!

António de Almeida disse...

O Benfica discute hoje o 3º lugar com o Braga, espero que o tempo por aí tenha melhorado, e que a estadia esteja agradável.

Joaninha disse...

O benfica assegurou o 3 lugar, and that all folks :)