18 de maio de 2009

Time to get back...

Yep, all good things come to an end and now it's time to head back home. I'm leaving today and arriving in Lisbon tomorrow (talk about darn jet lag!). I've just loved my time here at the conference, here in Chicago, here in Evanston. The company was great. I learned a great deal and I mean to be called "a stylish fashion statement" always makes Blondes smile:)

See ya very soon folks!

4 comentários:

antonio - o implume disse...

Espero que de volta a uma lingua cristã. Apesar do bom ter-se acabado... (presumo passeio pago pelo ocntribuinte português)! ;P

Eu Mesma! disse...

Boa viagem!


ferreira-pinto disse...

Quando chegares, já tens (temos) um pequeno problema para resolver.
Como só vais ler isto quando chegares, estou safo!

Zana disse...

It's always nice to get news from you!

Wish you a nice flight back !
Glasgow, London, Chicago... Guess what's next ???